Hello, outdoor enthusiasts and dreamers! Are you ready to embark on a delightful journey through Florida’s breathtaking Springlands? Nestled in Lake City, you’ll uncover crystal-clear springs, vast waterways, and a profusion of nature’s wonders. Let’s start from the future hotspot for campers, our Dreamin’ ‘n Driftin’ RV Resort (opening October 2023 at 8883 HWY 90W Lake City, FL 32055), and navigate through Lake City’s finest.

Main Attractions:

Ichetucknee Springs State Park This gem is a mere 30-minute drive (20 miles) from Dreamin’ ‘n Driftin’ RV Resort. Famous for the tranquil Ichetucknee River and multiple clear springs like the Head Spring and Blue Hole Spring, it’s a paradise for swimmers, paddlers, and tubers. Don’t miss the nature trails, teeming with local wildlife.

Fishing in Lake City Ready for a relaxing day of fishing? The grand Suwannee River (35-minute drive west) and Lake DeSoto (15-minute drive), offer rich habitats for a variety of fish species including bass, catfish, and sunfish.

Gilchrist Blue Springs State Park Just an hour’s drive south from our resort, this park boasts vibrant blue-green waters perfect for swimming and snorkeling, not to mention a great campground for an overnight stay.

Big Shoals A 40-minute drive northwest will lead thrill-seekers to Florida’s only Class III whitewater rapids. Besides the exciting water adventure, Big Shoals offers scenic views via its nature trail.

Additional Springs and Lakes:

  1. O’Leno State Park: A 35-minute drive south, showcasing the remarkable disappearing-reappearing Santa Fe River.
  2. Ginnie Springs: Located an hour southeast, perfect for tubing, snorkeling, and scuba diving.
  3. Wes Skiles Peacock Springs State Park: 35 minutes to the west, featuring one of the longest underwater cave systems in the continental U.S.
  4. Troy Spring State Park: 45 minutes to the west, where you can witness remnants of a Civil War-era steamboat in the springs.
  5. Manatee Springs State Park: About 1.5 hours southwest, known for its winter manatee visitors and an impressive spring discharge.

Falling Creek Falls Just 20 minutes north from the resort, discover a hidden gem of Lake City—a picturesque waterfall within a tranquil forest.

Tips for the Journey:

To make the most of your Springlands adventure, preparation is key. Consider renting kayaks or paddleboards from local providers and pack essentials like sunscreen, towels, hats, water bottles, and snacks. Planning to hike or mountain bike? Columbia County has a wide range of trails waiting for you.


From relaxing dips in crystal-clear springs to adrenaline-pumping river rides, fishing spots, and historic sights, Lake City’s Springlands offers a unique blend of nature and adventure. Dreamin’ ‘n Driftin’ RV Resort serves as the perfect base to explore this enticing wilderness. It’s time to plan your unforgettable Lake City adventure today!

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